Mar 022011

After several posts about sports, snow trips, funny stuff and family gatherings, this is my first “nerd” blog. It seems only fitting to post my first “Tech” article during the beginning of the Gamer Developers Conference (GDC) at Mascone Center in San Francisco.

I am going to talk about the long awaited game developed by DICE an Electronic Arts Company, called Battlefield 3. I personally have never really played any First Person Shooter (FPS) games before Battlefield Bad Company 2 which came out last year. But that’s all it took. I have been hooked on the Battlefield series ever since. I only wish I played when the franchise first started years ago. I play it on the Xbox 360, but after following the anticipated features of and various footage that has come out in the last few weeks, I may switch to the PC version of BF3 when it is available sometime in the fall of 2011. The new graphics on the game can only be appreciated on a High Performance PC with a a high end video card. My new project before the game’s release is to build a box suitable to take advantage of the graphics and gameplay of this game.

This is the premier trailer

It has been about 5 years since the previous release of the Battlefield series. Battlefield 2 was released in 2006 and was an online exclusive PC game with several expansion packs added on later. As developers worked to create a battlefield 2 sequel, a couple of spin offs of the Battlefield franchise were created with Battlefield: Bad Company and Bad Company 2. When Bad Company 2 came out, the Frostbite engine used for the game introduced building demolition to FPS games which was first started with walls being knocked out in Bad Company and continued with a Bad Company 2 with version 1.5. Version 2.0 engine will be used in the new BF3 game and will introduce Destruction 3.0 that has much more refined physics that includes all of the capabilities of past versions and just makes it better and scales destruction to another level during gameplay. This will allow the destruction of larger buildings that create a more complex visual as a tall building crumbles to rubble on your screen. The new engine creates a more realistic gaming experience that looks more lifelike than any other shooter game I’ve ever seen.

This came out Tuesday during the GDC in San Francisco at the the press release officially announcing the game:

I can’t wait until this comes out. Stay tuned for more Battlefield 3 updates.

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