Mar 172011

Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, known to all of us as Nate Dogg, passed away Tuesday night at the young age of 41. It has been reported that he died of complications resulting from two previous strokes several years ago. He will be missed in the Hip Hop community. If you were an artist in the 90s and you wanted a a hit record, you had Nate Dogg singing the hook on it.He was truly the “Hook Master”! Before there was T-Pain, there was Nate Dogg. He has been on at least 40 singles since he started singing in the early 90s with the rap group “213” with Warren G and Snoop Dogg. Warren G’s step-brother, Andre Young, known as Dr. Dre of N.W.A. heard their demo at a house party and was impressed so much, Nate Dogg, has been featured in many songs ever since.

I remember back in 90s while hanging out it with friends, listening to Nate Dogg’s hooks on all of the G-Funk Songs while sipping on my 40oz Mickey’s on the front porch of my uncle’s house. When I heard what happened the other night, I was brought back to my early 20s and all of those memories just flashed in to my head. I think I want to have a 40oz Mickey’s right now!!

Nate Dogg you will be missed. I will hold up a glass and pour out a little liquor for ya!