Apr 292013

D.J. HaydenCool Feature Video about Raiders’s First Round Draft Pick, DJ Hayden, Cornerback from the University of Houston. Hayden was in a freak accident at practice that left him with internal bleeding that has a 95% mortality rate. Check out this video that tells his story. Makes you feel thankful for your blessings.

Jan 292011

Brian Wilson was on the George Lopez Show, Thursday night and I just watched it. I thought he was hilarious. Brian Wilson is a fool!. When I watched him on Jay Leno back in November, I felt Jay Leo was trying to ridicule him more than having fun with him. He played that Fox Sports bit with “The Machine” and just kept asking him the same questions as other interviews and just stunk. It’s probably because it was in LA and a he was just hatin’! HAHAHA!

Anyway, on George Lopez’s show George had fun with Brian and I could tell George didn’t like introducing him as “Brian Wilson of the WORLD CHAMPION SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!” HAHAHA! He must hate it because he’s a Dodger fan.

In the interview, Brian was his crazy self and they showed a skit with an old school brick cell phone and a Minute to Win It contest!