Sep 202011

 Wassup Everyone?!?! It’s been awhile. It’s been pretty hectic these past few months. There also wasn’t anything good going on that I wanted to post about. And since I haven’t put up anything in a long time, I wanted to post something good or something more than a couple lines. I can use Twitter and FB for something like that. I hope to be posting up stuff more often. There’s a few things I have on the works. Stay tuned for some sports, Battlefield 3, corporate misconception, and maybe some more low tide discussions!

Anyway there’s been a lot of recent traffic on all the social sites about the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight. Stuff on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. There’s so much stuff I’ve seen and so may opinions I’ve read, I think this is a good topic to write about and should spark up a lot of thoughts.

First off, I don’t think Mayweather was wrong for giving Ortiz the One-Two punch to knock him out. I thought he had every right to do so. Both fighters went back to the middle of the ring to continue the match. Ortiz (#1) was DUMB to try and give Floyd a hug! Especially when his opponent’s face was clearly focused on Ortiz’s overly arrogant smirk on his face. To me it looked like he was trying to make a joke of the situation instead of concentrating on Mayweather. (#2) After the first jab Ortiz received, he looked to the Ref as if to say, “Did you see that?”, thus taking his eye off Mayweather for a split second. A DUMBER move. What was he thinking? He deserved to be knocked out.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Pretty Boy Floyd fan. I’m not defending him because I’m a diehard fan or something. I just respect his talent and I believe he is THE top technical boxer out there. He handled his business in the ring. But that doesn’t make him the BEST fighter in Boxing today.

As a person, he is an ASSHOLE! It was classless for Mayweather to do what he did. He definitely didn’t help his image last Saturday. The smart thing he could’ve done was to just box his way to victory leaving no doubt. And continue to just win future matches without the BS. Instead, he took the easy way out. He recognized Ortiz put his guard down and let his own arrogance take over. He chose to embarrass Ortiz and continue to create disbelievers. Mission Accomplished..

They both deserve to be called Dumb and Dumber.

If he just boxed and repeatedly win matches, he’d put the pressure on Pacqiao’s camp to just come to the table and agree on a fight. Instead he just leaves doubt in people’s minds.

In my inexperienced opinion, I think Paquiao would put him in his place  and prove he’s a better fighter and better person. I think he’s too unorthodox for Mayweather. Manny is not just fast and powerful, he’s relentless. I think that’s his strongest trait. With Paquiao, he wouldn’t just punch you with a single power punch, he’ll follow-up with 4 or 5 more power punches. All this within seconds before you can even react. I don’t doubt Mayweather has been punched harder by another fighter. Mosley was probably gave him the hardest hit he’s ever been on the receiving end of. Manny wouldn’t need to punch as hard as Mosley to get a more damaging effect.

Now regardless of everyone’s opinion whether Pacqiuao should just take the test, why did Mayweather even bring it up in the first place unless he was scared?Boxing always had drug testing. And Mayweather never demanded this before for previous fights. But Mayweather wants to demand a strict testing process because of Pacquiao? I’m all for mandatory random drug testing, but the timing is just fishy to me. Initially, Mayweather negotiates a 14 day blood test prior to the fight, Paquiao declines and fight is called off. Months later and Paquiao finally agrees on 14 day blood test, but Mayweather wants more money and changes it to up to the night before the fight! WTF? It just gets weirder after that so I stopped following it anymore.

So here we are today. No fight scheduled and then the Ortiz vs Mayweather debacle. I don’t think the fight will ever happen now. Too bad. Boxing fans are the ones being cheated. Not the fighters.

Everyone wants a Mayweather vs. Paquiao fight! They should just fight. It could become one of the greatest fights of all time! Maybe Paquiao should be allowed to take PEDs and Mayweather be allowed to take Xylocaine again. Would that be a fair trade?


Mar 132011

So I checked out the Cotto vs Mayorga fight last night and it was a very entertaining boxing match. Cotto kept his cool throughout the bout and didn’t fall for Mayorga’s show boating and unorthodox fighting style. Mayorga spent the whole fight talking smack to Cotto and tried to downplay all the straight jabs and power punches to his face and seemed like he was more interested in telling Cotto that the punches didn’t hurt than fighting. Cotto just kept pluggng away and scoring points the whole match.

Cotto ultimately won on a TKO in the 12th round when Mayorga gave up after a punishing shot to the chin by cotto forced the Nicaraguan fighter to his knees. He attributed his 12th round withdrawal to pain in his left hand forcing him to quit.

I personally didn’t see where he hurt his hand after the shot to his chin. But nonetheless, it was a great fight. Going in to the match I knew Mayoga was a very cocky and arrogant fighter, but the more I watched the fight, the more I pulled for Cotto. Mayorga’s cockiness was ultimately what cost him the fight. My favorite part of the fight other than the phantom injury to his hand, was when Mayorga put his hands down to taunt Cotto and the Puerto Rican answered with 3 quick straight jabs to the face that seemed to shut up, err, I mean stun Mayorga.

I am by no means a boxing expert or someone who covers boxing on a continual bases. I am just a fan that likes to kick it with friends and enjoy a good fight.

This was a perfect ending to a day that started out spending time with the kids while the girls went out to Napa for a well deserved overnight rest and relaxation mini-trip. All the dads stayed behind and took the kids to a pizza lunch and afternoon jaunt to Benicia’s “Big Slide” Park. The kids had a great time running around and draining their energy! We watched the kids go down the big slide countless times. After a few hours of that and spinning on the Tire Swings it was just about time to go. Now when we all got back to the house, after dinner and fudge Popsicles, the kids went to sleep or played in the upstairs room quietly (since all the energy was left in Benicia 🙂 ) and Daddy Day Care officially closed and the “Beer and Leftover Pizza Lounge” opened up so we can watch the fight!