Jan 312011

Fictional Scenario

Sipping on his Remy, Hennessy, Grey Goose or whatever his drink of choice is, “Fred” sits at a dining room table with a group of his friends. He looks at the people around the room and wonders what he is going to talk about next. It’s 11:00PM on a Saturday night. It’s been a long day. Little “Johnny’s” Birthday Party is just now winding down and the last of the guests just drove down the street on their way to their respective homes. Johnny and his slumber party friends are all asleep upstairs in his room. The only other people awake in the house are Fred’s close friends and family downstairs in the dining room, drinking, laughing and just having a good time. After a day’s worth of kid’s games, balloon characters, and a visit from a clown that looked more like Homie than Ronald McDonald, the adults are relaxing at the table discussing various things from work stress and work drama to sports, politics and Las Vegas adventures. The discussions go on until it seems like there is nothing else to talk about. But no one is sleepy even though everyone woke up early to help clean up and prepare for little Johnny’s party. The aroma of French Vanilla fills the air as Fred’s wife, “Katrina” puts on a pot of flavored coffee. A tradition in the household when there is a party and someone randomly yells “Coffee!!!” At the verbal alarm, some one always brews a pot no matter what time it is.

In hunger for topics to talk about, “Tony” suggests everyone write down a question or two, fold it up and throw it in a hat. Then each person draws a question out of the hat and the group discusses them. Everyone asks, what question? Tony says, “Anything. It could be something random, serious, funny, or anything to start-up a discussion or debate. Now you don’t have to answer the question, but it’s highly encouraged to do so or else the game will not work. And they have to be truthful.”

After several minutes, everyone throws in a question or two. Some even three or four.

20 Questions, 2 pots of coffee and 3 hours later, Fred and his friends are still awake laughing, drinking what alcohol is left and still in heated discussion on the last question.

The Game

Now this game is simple, but can start a lot of controversy and maybe even start an occasional fight with a spouse or significant other. So you have to be diligent on what question to put in the hat. The author of the question is anonymous, but when introduced can trigger a debate that might escalate to fighting match intended for your own bedroom and not in the middle of a full dining room, regardless if you wrote it or not.

The rules are simple. Think of a question. Write it down and throw it in a hat. Everyone takes turns drawing a question and everyone answers the question that is drawn. That’s it. Simple.

Example #1:

Question: Weirdest/strangest place you have ever had sex?

Fred’s Answer: In a canoe on the Coral Sea off the coast of Australia.

If the answer to the question involved Katrina and since this is within a close group of friends and family, it might not be a big deal. Everyone laughs and goes on to the next question. Now if Fred’s answer was not with Katrina, you can see that this can spark an argument not intended to be out in the open. This particular question might have best been left to a smaller group with all the guys at the table instead of all of the couples.

Example #2:

Question: How do you think President Obama’s administration has done thus far?

Tony’s Answer: He f–ked the country up!!

“Jill’s” response: WHAT?!?! How can you say that? He can’t fix everything GW Bush has messed up over the course of 8 years in only one term!! He can get it started, but it’s impossible get everything fixed in only 4 years!

So you can see there are many scenarios and discussions that can take place and all you need is some pieces of paper, pens and a hat (or bowl, jar, or whatever to draw the questions out of). Just gauge what everyone’s mood is so you know what question(s) to put down.


The scenario, characters, the questions and the answers in this blog are fictitious and in no way represent anyone that has played the “Hat ‘O Questions”  I have been involved in! Any similarities are purely coincidental and was not intended to put anyone on BLAST! HAHA! 🙂

Last Note

One other consequence that can result from the Hat O’ Questions is what my friends and I like to call “Low Tide” I’ll discuss this topic on my next post. Stay Tuned.


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