The Cabana9 Name


About the Cabana9 Name

I’m sure it’ll come up and it’s not a big story, but to answer the inevitable question: What is Cabana9?

Well it all started when a group of friends and family went on a trip to my second favorite area in the US, Las Vegas, NV. Now there is no “Hang Over” story and we didn’t steal Mike Tyson’s tiger or kidnap an Asian dude, strip him and stuff him in to the trunk. It was just a great time spent with great friends. One of the places we ended up at was a Cabana at one of the nightclubs.  It so happened to be Cabana #9. Ever since then, Cabana9 is a reference point for me. When I was looking for a Gamer Tag for my Xbox360, I didn’t want to use my real name (Who wants to have your real name listed when you play an online game?). So Cabana9 it became. The name stuck. So there you have it!